[ 导读 ] 据悉,深度学习初创公司Nervana总部设在圣地亚哥,团队总共48人,交易一旦完成,团队所有成员将并入Intel的数据中心组。

Intel宣布已经获得已经获得深度学习初创公司Nervana的系统,Recode报告说,这笔交易的价格是将近3亿5000万美元。在一篇博客文章,Nervana首席执行官兼联合创始人Naveen Rao指出,他的公司将继续对深入学习框架相关的努力发展,平台和硬件。

据悉,深度学习初创公司Nervana总部设在圣地亚哥,团队总共48人,交易一旦完成,团队所有成员将并入Intel的数据中心组。Intel数据中心组执行副总裁Diane Bryant的在博客中称,Nervana将在IP和专业知识将扩大英特尔在人工智能领域的能力。


据悉,Nervana创业至今已经两年了,融资总额将近2500万美元,投资机构包括DFJ、Data Collective、Fuel Capital、Lux Capital和Allen&Co,公司早期提供亿硬件为中心的AI解决方案,这些方案能有效的训练神经网络技术。

A轮的投资机构Data Collective(数据集合)管理合伙人Matt Ocko认为公司有很好的潜力。他补充:Intel不仅仅是买一个系统,而是希望产品能够更快和更高效,以对NVIDIA有很好的抗衡。

Nervana的CEO和联合创始人Naveen Rao已经在自己官方网站上对这次收购非常兴奋。以下是他的公开函。

Intel + Nervana

Today, we’re excited to announce the planned acquisition of Nervana by Intel*.  With this acquisition, Intel is formally committing to pushing the forefront of AI technologies.  Nervana intends to continue all existing development efforts including the Nervana Neon deep learning framework, Nervana deep learning platform, and the Nervana Engine deep learning hardware.  The combination of Nervana’s technology and expertise incorporated into Intel’s portfolio will take deep learning/AI solutions to the next level.  We will continue to operate out of our San Diego Headquarters and will retain our talent, brand, and start-up mentality.

Nervana started with the idea that we can engineer better solutions for computation by bringing together computer engineering, neuroscience, and machine learning.  Amir Khosrowshahi and I brought this idea to Bruno Olshausen (Amir’s PhD advisor) before founding Nervana.  Bruno said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “Do it.  Do it now!  You might already be too late.”  This was the catalyst that pushed us over the edge to pursue the idea fully.  At this point we invited Arjun Bansal to join the founding team and Nervana was born.  Amir then sought advice from his cousin Ali Partovi, co-founder of and iLike and a well-connected angel investor.  Ali became our first investor and trusted advisor to the company.  He made introductions to his network and we pulled together a very high-caliber set of seed investors.  Soon after, Carey Kloss and Andrew Yang (close friends and ex coworkers of mine) joined Nervana to lead the hardware development efforts.  We’re proud to say that in just 2.5 years, we pushed the performance envelope in deep learning and will soon have a revolutionary new architecture to push it even further.

We’ve always been a mission driven company.  Even though we won’t be a startup any longer, our mission hasn’t changed: we are here to make a dent in the world of computation.  With this deal, we can now shatter the old paradigm and move into a new regime of computing.  We’ll look back in 10 years and see this time as the inflection point of when compute architectures became neural.  The semiconductor integrated circuit is one of humanity’s crowning achievements and Intel has the best semiconductor technology in the world.  Nervana’s AI expertise combined with Intel’s capabilities and huge market reach will allow us to realize our vision and create something truly special.

Having strong investors who believed in the company was key.  We were very fortunate to have board members Steve Jurvetson (DFJ) lead our Series A and Matt Ocko (DCVC) our Series A1.  Their inherent interest in innovation and deep technical knowledge was the force that made this company happen.  In addition, Playground Global, CME Ventures, Lux Capital, Allen & Co, AME Cloud Ventures, Fuel Capital, Omidyar Technology Ventures, SV Angel and our seed investors were great partners with which to build a company.

Many thanks to Allen & Company LLC who acted as exclusive financial advisor to Nervana in this transaction.


Naveen Rao
CEO and Co-founder of Nervana